Class Action against BPS Financial Limited and its Associates (Qoin)

Class Action Client Intake


Salerno Law has launched a class action on behalf of Merchants, Investors and Holders who suffered losses after acquiring the Qoin utility token through Qoin and BTX Exchange.

Since 1 October 2019, if you:

  1. purchased or traded Qoin Tokens in Australia; and/or

  2. were a Qoin merchant in Australia; and/or

  3. were a Qoin consumer in Australia,

you may be eligible to join this class action.

Am I eligible to register?

To be a part of this class action you must either hold or have purchased Qoin from either a Qoin agent, Qoin itself or the BTX Exchange. If you meet this criteria, in addition to the conditions enumerated above, you may be entitled to compensation and are encouraged to register for the action.

How do I register?

To register on a confidential, no-cost, no-obligation basis, please fill out the form on the right.

What is the basis of the claim?

The Claim and its bases are included in the statement of claim which was filed in the Federal Court of Australia on 23 November 2021. This document explains the nature of the claim, as well as the alleged misconduct of BPS Financial Limited ACN 604 899 381 (Qoin).

Click here to peruse this document.

Discussions with Affected Parties

Salerno Law is looking to hear from investors, holders and merchants in the Qoin ecosystem that have incurred loss because of being unable to use or redeem the Qoin token as intended. If you have been affected, please enter your information below so that we can discuss your current circumstances and advise how we may be able to assist.

If you have any questions in relation to this matter, please contact Salerno Law at: or on (07) 5575 8011.

Important Note

Neither Salerno Law nor its representatives are in any way stating (expressly or impliedly) that BPS Financial Limited or its associates have engaged in any conduct that would constitute a breach or contravention of the obligations that they may owe to a third party or any other misconduct generally. Salerno Law has received a number of enquiries from affected parties and proposes to review their circumstances to determine whether those parties may have any causes of action available to them.

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